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Hello Everyone!

How are you all doing? Good, I hope.

So as everyone may or may not know, I have been advertising for an auction on Deviantart for an animated web series. Those that do not know, this auction is for the raising of much needed funds to help get this series going.

And what I am auctioning off you ask? Why, employment for your OC in the titular nightclub that acts as a main stage for the majority of the series. Now before I go into the details of what the jobs are, lets delve into what the club Tall Tails, is all about.

Tall Tails is a nightclub, of course, that was created and co-owned by the main characters of the series. While it may seem like an ordinary place to some it caters to some of the most diverse clientele. With its modern gothic decorum and fully stocked bar and kitchen, Tall Tails is a place that its attendees can come to shed their mortal skins. Literally. The club-goers are the things that go bump in the night, that can only exist in fantasy, sci-fi, folklore and myth. And as such the club has to employ certain persons of a certain class to help cater to these unique individuals.

This is where you all come in. I want to have your OCs be those employees, and as such this is why this auction is taking place. The persons needed for this are as follows:
1. DJ x1
2. Bartenders x2
3. Bouncers x8
4. Servers x10

But that is quite a lot for one go, so I am going to open this up in sections. For this first one I'm looking for: 2 Bouncers and 4 servers. Now, I don't expect anyone to jump on this for getting your character into a small supporting role alone, so here is a list of everything that I am including in addition to the "Job."

1. Your OC being featured in the won position, whether as a simple appearance or a small speaking role. (This would be based on an episode to episode basis, mind you I wouldn't be able to feature everyone who wins in every single one but I will try to at least get an even coverage)
2. Credit appearance, your name (username or whatever you pick) will accompany your OC's name in the credits. Those of you who have browsed my gallery know I do this every time.
3. Full retention of your rights to your OC. These are not mine and will not be claimed as such. You reserve the right to have your OC removed at anytime. And when it comes time to give them a speaking role you get the final vote as to who is the voice. (Your vote counts as two of course)

That was just the metaphysical things you'll have. Now here are the material items you'll get:
1. A club uniform t-shirt, with the logo on the front and the job on the back.
2. A group photo print of all the OCs that win, with the owners of the club. (Like a family photo as it were.)
3. A theatrical poster for the show. The artist to be determined.

The material items are subject to increase depending on the amount of support and the persons who make a bid on these roles. What is included so far is guaranteed, and will not decrease. So now let's get on to the rules. Not so much rules, but guidelines, some of which I have to follow.

1. Please, no fan characters, unless they can be made lawyer friendly.
2. They can be any gender, race, species, color, creed, orientation, whatever.
3. Animal characters need to be anthropomorphized as either a furry or full on human. This could fall under rule 1 as is the case with Sonic, MLP and other fan characters.
4. If you can provide a three-viewed ref sheet of your OC that would be fantastic. It's not so much a rule, but it'd make things easier if I didn't have to get one done. Although I assume I will need so for at least a couple.
5. For each job we'd like to fill the positions with certain types of characters. The dj is pretty ambiguous, the bartenders would need a good mind (memorizing drinks, and the clientele requirements) as well as a charisma to sell higher priced drinks, bouncers need to be tougher having a large build, being a strong creature or a very gifted human, and servers should be relatively meeker by normal standards but should also be charismatic and tough enough to make sure they don't become what's on the menu. Mind you these are not requirements but it gives you a general idea of where a certain OC would be better suited. Remember, for those of you who haven't worked in a service industry, these jobs can be trainable,
6. Most importantly, cash only. Winnings bids are payable by paypal and the paypal address will be given to the winners after the last slot is filled.

The sixth rule is set for a big reason. I want to have everyone who won, receive the additional items at the same time. More specifically, the group photo. This will take the longest to make and I want to make absolutely sure everyone is included. This also enables people to back out at anytime should the need arise, without the messiness of refunding. And will give me time to create a new auction for the roles that become empty.

The auction can be found here:…


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